New 200 Amp Class-J Fuse Holders



Regal has redesigned the Marathon Special Products traditional 200A, 600V FH to provide considerable benefits over what is available today. For more information, see the below summary or reach out to your representative.

Additionally, MSP has added a Fused Power Distribution Block version to this product series.

New 200 Amp Class-J Flyer

Standard Splicer Version

Fused PDB Version

Covers, Snap-on per pole

Key Benefits

    1. Bolt-down Fuse Connection - provides easy installation and removal, along with an extremely reliable connection formaximized heat dissipation. MSP is the only one who offers this with Class-J fuses.

    2. Feeder Circuit Spacing - when applying to UL508A, all components, particularly distribution components are to meetthe spacing requirements that are in excess of traditional recognized power terminal blocks or listed fuse holders.

    3. Control Tap - This allows power to be tapped off the line side of the main supply in order to feed into a control circuit or power an auxiliary device. When downstream power circuits are closed with a disconnect, this circuit can still be fed.

    4. Power Distribution Options

    4A. Space Savings: Up to 60% space savings by reducing the need for a separate fuse holder and power distribution block.

    4B. Wire Range: exceeds competitions wire size and number outputs. Six outputs of #2 - #14 AWG vs #4 - #14 AWG.

    4C. Common Mounting: meets competition mounting for souring alternates.

    5. Covers – Snap-on style covers for dead-front protection & safety.

    6. Modularity – Provides the flexibility to customers to configure multi- line blocks or add on to existing one.

    7. Weight Reduction – 30% reduction over standard models. Redeems the weight reduces the freight.

    8. High Short Circuit Rating (SCCR) achieved with the full distribution wire range at 200kA to assure safety while saving critical space.

DIN Sectionals

MSP Part Numbers - 200 Amps, 600 Volts
Type Poles Catalog No. Line Side Load Side Datasheets
(Openings) Wire Range (Openings) Wire Range
Standard Splicer 1* M6J200A1101 (1)250 kcmil - #6 AWG (1)250 kcmil - #6 AWG Datasheet
3 M6J200A3101
Fused Dist. Block 1* M6J200A1106 (1)250 kcmil - #6 AWG (6) #2 - #14 AWG Datasheet
3 M6J200A3106

* Single Poles are modular to snap together any line-length or securely add on to an exisiting 1 or 3 pole.