Sectional Terminal Blocks

General Information

Sectionals are terminal blocks which are made up of individually molded units with electrically conductive members. Marthon offers barrier sectionals from 3/8" to 1/2" pitch, Euro styles sectionals from 5mm to 12mm pitch with fusing, disconnection and grounding options. These sectionals will mount on either a standard 35mm DIN rail, channel rail, or panel (anchor directly).

3/8" Sectional

  • 40-50 amps
  • 600 volts AC/DC
Other Information:
  • Wire Range: #8 - #18 AWG CU
  • Thermoplastic
Ratings and Standards

The voltage ratings of terminal blocks are based upon the minimum spacing between electrically conductive parts line-to-line through air and over surface and line-to-ground through air and over surface.

Class A - Service, including deadfront switchboards, panel boards and service entrance devices.

Class B - Commercial appliances including business equipment and electronic data processing equipment.

Class C - Industrial, general


Designed for electrical termination of wire where flexibility of circuit design is necessary. Accept single or multiple wire sizes for tubular screw and tubular clamp styles.

Spacing Requirements (in inches)
  Voltage Through Air Over Surface
Class A 51-150 0.500 0.750
151-300 0.750 1.250
301-600 1.000 2.000
Class B 51-150 0.063 0.063
151-300 0.094 0.094
301-600 0.375 0.500
Class C 51-150 0.125 0.250
151-300 0.250 0.375
301-600 0.375 0.500